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In the summer of 2017, Digife was commissioned by Northwestern University to tell the story of the first student protest that happened on campus. In 1968, black students took over the Bursar’s Office and made demands for better treatment at the University. This is the unfiltered behind the scenes documentary series that follows Director Eric Seals, Producer Brittany Applegate, and Editor Donnie Seals throughout the full creation of the film.

Sn.1 Ep.00

What is The Takeover?

Take the Journey with the Digife team as they Make The Takeover.

3 minutes | Aired 06/11

Northwestern Universtiy

Bursar’s Office Takeover

On the morning of May 3rd, 1968, over 120 black students rushed into the Bursar’s Office building on the campus of Northwestern University, effectively taking it over. Their demands? For the administration to address the discriminatory policies plaguing the campus. After a 38-hour demonstration, Black students and the NU administration came to a resolution that resulted in the formation of admissions advisory boards, a review of open housing in Evanston and the establishment of the Department of African-American Studies and the Black Student Union, known as The Black House. The ramifications of this takeover changed the University of Northwestern would change forever.

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