Digifé is a full-service video and digital media production company based in Chicago. We produce, shoot, edit, and deliver creatively crafted and compelling video content across any medium including television, film, web, and social media.

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We promise to never deliver mediocre work – it’s not in our DNA.

We promise to consistently deliver captivating video content to your target audiences on time and on budget. From concept development to post-production, we will develop and execute your project to the highest standard of production quality to yield groundbreaking results.

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What We Do


A great documentary is driven by moments. Our process is not about creating truth, but to reveal something to our viewers that allows them to discover their own truth.


Highlight the culture, personalities and mission of your company in a corporate brand video. Engage your audience using interviews and testimonials. If video isn’t an integral part of your company’s communications strategy, you can start here.


Have a great product, service, or upcoming event? Tell the world, whydontya?! Use video as your personal cheerleader to raise awareness, increase trial and consideration, and most importantly engage your target audience on all you have to offer!


Our video production team can’t wait to cover all aspects of your event, without interruption. From capturing your main speakers and audience reactions to developing an exciting, engaging recap video. We have you covered.


Oh Yea. We do that too.

  • Real Estate
  • Animation
  • Event Coverage
  • TimeLapse
  • Motion Graphics
  • Non Profit
  • Training Tutorials
  • 6k Video
  • Short Films
  • Aerial Video
  • Teleprompter
  • Broadcast TV
  • Youtube Content
  • App Promos
  • Video Training
  • Live Streaming
  • Explainer Videos
  • Product Promotion

Laying the right groundwork is essential to developing a great video. Pre-production is where we figure out the best game plan for your business. This includes choosing a video concept, establishing the look and feel, finalizing scheduling and the team, and locking down all the other details involved with how the actual video is going to look, sound, and perform.


We're rolling! Now that we have the roadmap developed in the pre-production stage, it’s time to put it all together in front of the cameras. This is where our professional crew of director of photography, camera operators, producers, production assistants, sound engineers, and lighting techs do what they do best - film a great video.


Our editorial post-production team kicks in to shape your story, handle color-correction, record any voice-overs, clean up the audio, add music, create graphics and in general make sure your video looks exactly like we planned in pre-production. It's at this stage that you’ll see the first cut.

File Release

With the final cut complete and your approval signed-off, we create high quality files of your video that can be used for a variety of formats, be it for the web, trade shows, or broadcast television.

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